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  1. B.Kotyk says:

    While serving as a senior full-time missionary at the Frankfurt temple in Germany, I took as many opportunities as I could to speak to non-member individuals about the Church. I was talking to a young woman and she certainly didn’t want to know anything about the Church. One day she was telling me about her studies. During the course of our conversation, I asked her if she enjoyed reading. Her answer was, “yes”, she called herself an avid reader. I told her I have a great book that I thought she would enjoy reading, that it was an account of the Indians in America and their history. The young woman was excited to get the book. The next time I saw her I handed her The Book of Mormon. She acted surprised and a little stunned that I offered her the Book of Mormon, and was kind enough to accept the book from me. One week later I saw the young woman again and asked her if she read any of the book. She smiled and said, “yes, but you tricked me into reading your Book of Mormon.” But she said, she liked the information that she read and believed it was a true account. But she couldn’t get past Joseph Smith.
    I found that using “do you enjoy reading” approach worked very well.

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