Member Approaches

Lessons With A Member Present  When a missionary teaches lessons with a member present, the investigator has an instant network into the Church. Missionaries come and go and are not long-term players in the area. Members, on the other hand, are stable and consistent. There is not a better feeling than to have a member say hello to an investigator at church after they have met them earlier in a lesson; or, even better, to have a member invite an investigator to a church activity without the missionaries even knowing.

Lessons with members present are also great for members. Members have a hard time knowing how they can best participate in missionary work. Inviting a member to sit in on a lesson and bear their testimony is relatively easy for them to do. They don’t need to prepare anything, have any fears of rejection, or feel guilty for not talking with their friends about the church. It is simply the best way to instantly get them involved in the work. Members catch the missionary vision by being part of a lesson more than almost any other activity.

MIRTH “Member-Initiated Referral Taught in the Home” are the most successful member referrals. It is important to seek MIRTHS from the entire ward that you are serving in but it is most effective to focus on two to three member families and work with them extensively.

Dialogue for Getting Member ReferralsThere are many different approaches for getting member referrals. One particularly effective approach is listed below.

Dialogue for Getting Member Referrals PDF